Dump Stations in Oxford Near The Villages®

Manage your wastewater tanks where you store

How to Use a Dump Station

Here are some tips on using a dump station!

Confirm Sewer Dump Connection Location

If you’re new to using your RV, make sure you confirm where the sewer dump connection is located before you pull up. This will help you properly and smoothly line up at the dump station.

Close Your Valves

Don’t make the mistake of removing your sewer cap before closing your valves. Forgetting to check your wastewater valves is a great way to ruin your vacation!

Connecting the Hose

Connect your sewer hose. We recommend having a 4-in-1 adapter handy. Remove the sewer cap and attach your hose to the RV.

Dump the Tanks

Start by dumping the black tank. This way, the wastewater from your grey tank(s) will rinse out sewage from the black tank to keep the hose cleaner. If the dump station has a rock or brick nearby, use it to secure the hose connection to the drain before opening the gate valve.

Flushing Your Tank

If your RV includes a tank flush, use it now. This will help ensure you keep your tanks cleaner for long-term success with your RV.

Cleaning Up

Clean and store your hoses. Secure the doors on your equipment bays to make sure they don’t open when on the road. Please also make sure to clean up any mess you’ve left around the drain site!

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